Coming Soon to South Austin – History of Wonder Woman


I’m very excited to announce I’ll be giving a talk about the History of Wonder Woman on June 8 at Orange Co-Working in South Austin.  It will be based on my research of women in comics and cover everything from her creation to the new movie!  RSVP to the event on Facebook and follow me on Facebook for more little tidbits leading up to the talk.

This cover illustrates one of the problematic past depictions of Wonder Woman I’ll talk about. Because when women get too much power in comics, they tend to lose their minds. And I bet you don’t recognize the 60’s version of Wonder Woman, who ran a Mod Clothing store. Those eyebrows are something, aren’t they? This was during her Bond Girl years when she didn’t even have superpowers but instead fought crime using karate learned from a master named I Ching. (I promise I didn’t make up that description. There was SO much wrong with this depiction of the Amazon warrior.)

I love Cliff Chiang’s art the most (credit to the top banner goes to him). But Gail Simone is my favorite writer, despite her run’s many plot issues. In 2016 I presented a paper on her Wonder Woman, which is how my interest in the history of the superheroine started! I promise I’ll do full-length articles about my favorites soon.

Which is your favorite iteration of Wonder Woman? Could be artist, TV, writer, or maybe just your favorite WW themed swag! I have an awesome coffee mug that says “Beautiful as Aphrodite, Wise as Athena”. Tell me in the comments!


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