Geeking Out – Eclipse of the Sun Edition

Back again to share what media I’m currently consuming. Eventually maybe I’ll get my $h!t together to include links but for now the listicle is enough. I start my penultimate semester of grad school next week so this list will be getting much smaller.


Yesterday we had a fun lesson in our preschool co-op about the eclipse and all the kids got glasses to look at the sun. It included potluck style eclipse themed snacks like croissants and circular eclipse “sunbutter” sandwiches. My parenting friends are amazing. But I brought good ole Capri Sun y’all. This mama ain’t got time for fancy snacks. Pretty sure I’m the only one that drank them too. Haha. The kids had a good time and when I got stressed that we left early because I had an appointment but husband reminded me they would remember the eclipse in 2024 a lot more than this one. We came, we got the NASA approved glasses, we saw, then the kids took a nap.

My first week of class was this week and while my Beowulf class was cancelled History of Children’s Lit was still on for Tuesday. It was AMAZING! My brain is still on fire from all the great stuff we discussed. It’s SO up my alley. I’m in love with this class. I promise a whole post soon just about that class. Quick rundown- we’re specifically studying children’s series, which apparently don’t have much criticism written about them. Probably because people associate series with low quality. But since my focus is almost always on popular things because they’re cultural phenomena, I’m in academic heaven with all the historical analysis going on.


Younger (I love Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff in this. It’s weird to identify so well with BOTH of their characters, but I still remember my mid-20’s and also can empathize with Liza’s struggles with being a parents as well as working in an industry you love.)

SYTYCD (The baby likes to watch it with me and he’ll get all excited when they dance. Comfort and Mark are my favorite couple!)

Bold Type (The jury is still out on this one. But while I wait for more episodes of Younger it’ll do.)

Midnight, Texas (We’re really liking this one, but I’m not in love yet.)

Vikings (!!! I love it. I really, really do. I can’t believe I waited so long to try it. It’s keeping me busy while I wait till we can binge Game of Thrones all at one time.)

Game of Thrones (Used our free month of HBO upgrade through Hulu to binge all of this season right before the finale. That was the best decision ever. Finally some agency and emotional payoff for the ladies of GoT. That’s all I’ll say.)


Crash Override – This is coming out in September and it’s fabulous. It’s the story of Zoe Quinn, one of the targets of Gamergate. But instead of using her story to “cash in” she uses it to dissect and educate people on net security.

Motor Crush – I’m about halfway through this one and it’s so great. The basic premise is motorcycle street racing in a dystopian future run by corporations. Not too out there but the art just puts it over the top. There are awesome little pop up style boxes in the panels that emphasize the interactive nature of that future. Plus let’s talk about Babs Tarr’s art. It is so rad. The coloring is reminiscent of 3D effects and so unique. I highly recommend this diverse and thrilling book to anyone!

Wonder Woman Warbringer – Loving this stand alone with a young Wonder Woman by YA powerhouse Leigh Bardugo. It’s diverse, it’s epic, it’s funny, and it’s heart warming. This book lives up to the expectations I had for the movie this summer. If you loved the movie, you would love this. if you were lukewarm about the movie (like me), you’ll still love this and it’ll ease the hurt a little over the movie being just ok.

Wicked Like a Wildfire – SO good. I’m warning you its a slow burn kind of a story. But the descriptions are so vivid and the magic system pretty unique that it stands out from the crowd of YA fantasy filling the shelves right now.

Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud – When I heard this was written by a Buzzfeed writer, I admit I prejudged it a little. But I heard her come speak and took a chance on it. It’s SO related to my thesis. Each chapter covers a different celebrity woman who is too MUCH and is often targeted for that reason. Superheroes are nothing if not celebrities in their fictional universes so now I have a whole other angle to think about for the superwomen I’m writing about.


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