How a Small Hand Creme Made a Huge Difference – Postpartum Self Care Has to Start Somewhere


When I was first coming out of the postpartum haze of that Fourth Trimester, a friend invited me to a mom’s night in. I jumped at the opportunity to leave my kids at home. We did masks, made margaritas, got a little tipsy, rubbed a billion lotions all over our bodies, laughed a lot, and in general had a blast. I went home with some little samples of soap and a couple lotions I liked the scent of. Things I really liked about their products were that the scents weren’t overwhelming. They were clean and soft. Not at all what I associated with my middle school obsession with mall bath gel. But still, it was just soap and lotion… right? It felt like a luxury. One that wasn’t for me as a super busy mom. I would rather buy clothes right? That’s practical. (Haha, that’s what we tell ourselves right?)

The samples were free though so I used them and something magical happened. I took an extra 5 minutes in the shower to use this little soap that smelled like sunshine and peaches. Then I used the awesome hand creme that magically doesn’t make your hands greasy and caught a whiff of it while driving. It made me smile. Which despite the stress of adjusting to two kids and grad school, helped give me a little mood boost. (There’s actually research to back this up even. Cool, huh?) Pretty soon I was remembering to take a shower because I wanted to use my soap. When I’m feeling down personal hygiene is one of the first things I start to forget about. As my toddler was melting down about me putting his water in the wrong cup I pulled out my hand creme and took just one minute to sniff it, feel it’s luxuriousness on my hands. Then I could put on my game face and deal with the situation at hand.

Before I found Posh, I hated lotion. Practically NEVER used the stuff. I hated feeling greasy and when your legs start to sweat… blergh. The worst. And my skin never actually felt more moisturized. Now I know it’s because most drugstore brands have petroleum based ingredients that make you think they’re hydrating, but actually just create a barrier to dry you out and make you need MORE lotion. So yup, I’m telling you that the Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme changed my life. Will it change yours? I don’t know. You might not think as deeply about things like lotion and self care. But at least you’ll smell nice, right?

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