Lola VS The Book Club – Summer Reading Edition

Stack of Academic Books, Fashion Magazine, and Planner
Only one paper left, but I’m managing my time wisely so I can still enjoy some superficial magazine reading.

The end of my spring semester has finally wrapped up.  I have one thing still outstanding plus my thesis proposal to work on, but neither have pressing deadlines.  So I’m trying to get in some NON-school related reading in this summer.  Mostly I’m trying to read some things I’ve had on the shelf for awhile but haven’t had time to read finally.  I would love if you, my lovely readers, would like to join me in this endeavor!!! I’m definitely open to suggestions, but already have 3 books lined up right now. Here they are:

  1. Uglies by Scott Westerfield – I have had this whole series for years but haven’t gotten around to reading it until recently. I’m through the first two chapters now. This series was one of the first YA dystopian series that started the trend Hunger Games and Divergent would later emerge from.
  2. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – I’m going to reread this in lieu of the tv show. I tried watching the first episode and just couldn’t. Reading allows you time to process difficult things. It’s the one reason I find fantasy literature SO important to society. It allows people to approach new or radical ideas in a safe space. But I won’t get up on that soapbox right now.  I’m tempted to listen to the audiobook because it’s read by Claire Danes but again, this one hits so close to our current political situation I need the safe distance the pages of a physical book provides.
  3. Ready Player One – They’re making this into a movie I heard recently. R read it awhile back and really enjoyed it. I’m torn on whether to listen to this one or read the copy we already own because Will Wheaton reads the audiobook and I heard it was amazing! I already started the first chapter one day in the tub and was very intrigued. So I think this will be a good palette cleanser after HMT.

I started a group on Facebook for anybody interested! This weekend I’ll be adding more info to it and that’s where I’ll hold polls for things to read next. It’ll be fun! Read along with me this summer. I used to LOVE our library summer reading program. So much the librarians were probably sick of seeing me every week with my little reading list covered front and back. Anybody else remember summer reading? I loved getting those lists in high school too. Yup, I’m a nerd. If you’re here reading this, you probably are one too.

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