Masking and Multitasking – How to take care of your skin while getting shit done.

Between #momlife, grad school, and normal adhd forgetfulness, trying to get my self care time is a daily challenge. One way I manage to get it done is by combining things by the time they take. Let me explain. It takes 6 minutes for my French Press coffee to brew. It takes 5 minutes for my grits to cook after the water boils. So I usually bounce between these two tasks at the same time. Otherwise, I end up bored while waiting for the water to boil, get immersed in something else, only to come back and all my water has evaporated… You’re probably wondering, Lola, how does this have anything to do with skincare? I’m getting to that. Most masks take 5-10 (or even 15) minutes. The formula of focus to rest I try to follow for optimum getting stuff done time is 20/10. 20 minutes of focus on a task, 10 min of rest. So here are some ways I mask and multitask at the same time:

  • For a 5 minute mask, I put it on the mask while I get ready for a shower. If you’re anything like me, that gives you at least 5 minutes while you let the water get hot, find a towel, use the bathroom, shoo the kids out of the bathroom, grab a sip of water, take off your jewelry, remember the sandwich you started making earlier, give your sandwich to the toddler, and oh yeah. Now I can get in the shower and am ready to rinse off my mask! Bam! Then when I get out, if it’s nighttime I can put on my overnight mask or if it’s daytime put on my moisturizer.
  • If I’m going to take a bath I usually double mask (an off mask, followed by an on mask). So I’ll do the same
    Reading in the tub while doing the Totes Oats hydrating mask.

    as above with the first mask while the bathtub fills up. Choose my bath salts, lock the bathroom door, and rinse the off mask before I apply my on mask. On masks (they hydrate or nourish rather than detox) can usually stay on your skin longer. So I can have a nice 10-15 minute soak before I rinse that one off and finish my bath.

  • Other things you can do while masking- watch TV (half way through the episode wash and switch masks or moisturize), make food, pump milk, walk the dog, go to check the mail and hope a neighbor doesn’t see your charcoal mask face (ours is a communal box down the street I don’t check often enough), bath the baby/toddler (hopefully not too much water splashes on your face until you’re ready to rinse), clean off the table, start a load of laundry, etc.

Hopefully you get the idea. I’m terrible at setting a timer while I mask because I get bored, and I have a hard time remembering to mask in the first place. My skin is SO much clearer when I do. I’ve started using this strategy to make sure I mask, gauge how long I mask, and be productive while I do it! What do you like to do while waiting for your mask to “bake” the correct length of time? Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Masking and Multitasking – How to take care of your skin while getting shit done.”

    1. I’ve noticed that sometimes I have to clean the bathroom BEFORE I mask. Because the mess totally kills my zen. But then I have a clean bathroom after so it’s a win-win, right?! Alone time is alone time when you’re a mom. 😉

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